advanced Nickel Boron plating and investment casting
Nickel boron coatings are produced by autocatalytic (electroless) deposition from aqueous solutions. These solutions contain either an alkylamineborane or sodium borohydride as a reducing agent, a source of nickel ions, a buffer, complexant, and control chemicals. Are you considering having UCT of Stewart Florida, or KC Jones Plating company of Warren, Michigan quote you a NiB Nickel Boride plating coating application? Contact Nickel Boride .com today for your next nickle boron application.
custom laboratory coating testing and specification services    Nickel Boron NiBtech ™ coating services & NiB investment die castings PlatingSpec™ vendor specification services ValueCoat™ bid evaluation consulting services

   In addition, independent engineered laboratory testing and third party inspection for specific applications. Custom NiB plating market price reports.
Industries: Defense/Military R&D, Marine Propulsion, Turbomachinery, and Oil & Gas.

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